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stockstutor is leading stock based website which includes investing and trading,economics and finance and the Sheer Madness of Markets. The mission of is to provide our audience with what’s relevant behind and beyond the headline...

The Magic of Compounding-Part II

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Copyright 2006 Richard Stoyeck The New Slant Really understanding compounding will make all the difference in investing. I believe that Warren Buffett, the world's greatest investor, is hardwired to think geometrically...

The Magic of Compounding-Part I

On Feb 25, 2015 0 104 52

Some of you know about this, some of you don't. Either way I'm going to give you the basics of compounding, plus a couple of new slants on the concept. I suggest you read The Magic of Compounding not just once, but several times...

The Need for Diversification in the Stock Market

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Copyright 2006 Richard Stoyeck Why is it that some people only buy one or two stocks? Others may have 15 stocks but have 50 percent of their investment assets in just one of those 15 stocks. In Wall Street we refer to this type of behavior as concentration...

101 Stock Market Investing - Finding Stock Market Industry Beta

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Stock Market Industry Beta is the measure of how a stock’s trading price moves compared to the market as a whole. Knowing this figure one can understand how volatile a stock is. A beta of 1 means a stock’s price fluctuates exactly as much as the market...

Top Rated Investment Bonds

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Your typical independent investor will never be able to understand every aspect of bond investing. Research on bonds fills volumes. It is for this reason, therefore, that you do as much research as you can prior to investing, and if you can, take advantage of professional investors that can manage a portfolio for you...

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