Secured Loans UK: Turning dreams into reality

Secured Loans UK facilitate borrowers to avail of capital against the value of the asset placed as security with the creditor. The creditor now has the ownership rights to the asset, which acts as guarantee against the loan. Although the asset is normally in the form of a home, security can also be offered by placing any concrete property, a vehicle or a valuable asset as collateral. This is why; secured loans UK are often referred to as “UK Homeowner Loans”, “Secured Personal Loans UK” or “Second Charge Loans UK”. For secured loans UK, depending on the value of collateral, lenders are willing to offer large sums ranging from £5,000 to £75,000 or more and the repayment period extends from 5 to 25 years.

In the UK, Secured Loans have a very diverse and competitive market. Although they were primarily taken in a financial crisis, nowadays, they are used for almost anything: for taking that long awaited vacation, home improvement, education, to pay off pending bills, debt consolidation, to buy the car you’ve always wanted and to fulfil unlimited dreams and aspirations.

The interest charged on loans is known as APR (Annual Percentage Rate). For secured loans, it varies, depending on personal details of the borrower (like credit history), the loan amount, the loan term, etc. In the UK, interest rates are the lowest on secured personal loans. Typical APR ranges from 6% to 25%. Sufficient collateral with good financial conditions will get you the best interest rates and a more relaxing repayment option. Home and real estate property commands the lowest APR. Automobiles and title to motor vehicles too command a good interest rate, but higher than that in homes.

Lenders prefer secured loans uk because they come with a lower degree of risk. . Lenders are in no way interested in repossessing people’s homes or any other asset kept as collateral. Since, repossession, maintenance and liquidation puts a huge cost on the lender, he prefers repayment by the borrower. Only in extreme cases, when the loan appears to become a bad debt, lenders undertake repossession of collateral. Since the fate of an asset of theirs is on stake, not many borrowers in the UK would take the step to be irregular in repayments. Consequently, the risk involved in secured loans UK, is lower. Apart from the convenience in securing UK secured loans, cost is the most influential factor in the decision regarding UK secured loans. Secured loans are low priced, thanks to the low rate of interest.

As secured loans are backed by collateral, most lenders approve loans even in cases of C.C.J’s, defaults, county court judgements and arrears. This makes secured loans very attractive to people all over UK, who would otherwise not qualify for a loan from their local bank. If a borrower has exceptional credit history and good financial standing he can expect amounts ranging up to 125% of his property value. All this depends on how comfortable a lender feels with the borrower’s collateral and credit history.

Repayment options offered all over UK are very flexible although the options presented are no more different from Unsecured Loans UK. Borrowers find the process of getting a secured loan very dissuading. The solution to these impending problems is to look for a lender who offers online applications or completes the process with minimum documentation and a minimum encroachment on time and privacy. Once a secured loan application has been processed and accepted, a no obligation offer is made. It usually takes around 14 days for a UK secured loan to be completed and you can cancel any time within this period, with no penalties.

Every year there are borrowings worth billions of pounds by the UK nationals for Secured Loans UK. These are becoming more of a necessity to live and also to meet the high standard of living in the UK. Taking a loan is no longer a bad option; in fact, it is a more practical outlet. Shopping around and playing an active role in choosing the loan and its repayment options, gets you the best deals. An all purpose loans for any person has not found a better name than Secured Loans UK.