Ease Your Earning, Earn Faster

Earning more is the most fundamental way to reach financial freedom. You can save more. You can invest more wisely. However, all those will only be more useful if you earn more.

I can't stress this enough. It is very important to earn more money if you want to reach faster financial freedom.

Making more money is one of the surest ways to gain happiness. Not only that, women prefer the rich.

There is only one way where you can't go wrong in attracting women. Make as much money as possible. Now don't get me wrong. There could be better ways, but all the other ways can go wrong.

In 2000, I was homeless. I didn't have a place to live. I ate once a day. After months of managing to scrap $1,000 as an initial capital, I bought a computer. Within one and a half years, I was making a few thousands residual income per month. Within three years, I was able to multiply that amount and make more and more residual income per month that I didn't need to work anymore.

However, my income went stagnant. It didn't grow for years. Sometimes I find new techniques to make money. But the new techniques only work when the old business crumbles.

Then I found out what's wrong and I saw the end of the tunnel again.

Knowing Earlier Adapt Earlier

If only I didn't have to wait six years to see the tunnel, then my small business would have grown much faster. That's why I make this website. To save you six years of trial-and-error experience.

Many business gurus, with less track records than I have, will charge you $100/hour for this type of advice. Well, here, in my website, I'll give you all these for free because capitalism is in abundance.

I also provide many tutorials for newbies that want to try the Internet business. That's because I want as many people as possible to get rich through capitalism.

If enough people are tempted to embrace capitalistic greed, then most social problems will go away because the government's intervention will have much less support and then become less. Not only that, I'd like to see that you're rich.

Huge amount of wealth comes from sharing. The more benefit you give to other people, the more they stick to you. The more people stick to you, the more money you make. I learned this from a multi millionaire.