Receive instant payments on your website with offshoredollar.

You have built a great website to market your products and services.
You have even developed an online order form so that people can add
products to their shopping cart. However you are still thinking of a
solution to accept payments online from customers as a result of which
get payments instantly and there is no paper work involved.

Hence we see that offshoredollar helps you accept payments online
minutes after you have registered on the site. The merchant tools
on the site are very secure and hence information entered on your site
such as credit card details will be encrypted so that it does not pass
into wrong hands. You can also sign up for the free referral programs
where you can get credits from the site in case someone else registers
through your reference. The reference quota can go up to six levels.

The best part of offshoredollar is that you will be notified instantly
in case someone has made a payment on your site. Hence you will be
to keep track of all the payments by clients that you have received on
the site. Online payment by customers can be through options such as
E-check, U.S. Mail Paypal, EGold, Gold Money and Liberty Reserve.
Offshoredollar wants to let your business grow and hence it is not
going to
block or freeze your account for reasons other than fraud or spam. The
only purpose of offshoredollar is to make your business successful and
prosper within a short period of time. Online payment can be a big
for your business as the payment is instantly approved and people can
pay from anywhere in the world.

Anyone with an email account can send or receive credits and each
credit is priced at $1. you can redeem your credit for cash at any
time by
paying a nominal fee to offshoredollar as mentioned before, the site
totally secure as it does not ask for passwords at any point of time.
Hence if you receive a mail asking for your password then you should
assume that it is a fraud. In fact you should not never enter your
password in reply to any mail asking for it. Always log on to the site
then enter the password in the password textbox.

Regarding the fees for the transaction, registration is completely
free. You will receive $2 as signup bonus. Sending money from your
is completely free. Receiving money from different sources is
chargeable and the percentage of fees is different for all the
sources. So what
are you waiting for? make your website completely business ready with