Personality Of Debt

Have you had the opportunity to deal with a person in debt? Are they in denial about their financial situation? In my opinion, people in debt are in denial to everyone around them about their financial situation. In their denial, they actually develop a personality. According to Webster†s Dictionary, the word personality means quality or condition of a person. Debt means something owned. From my perspective, when someone is in debt, the quality or condition of that person changes.

Prior to being in debt you might experience a person with these qualities: confidence, calm, pleasant, truthful and forthright. Once a person gets into debt that they cannot manage they began displaying qualities that are almost unbearable such as mean attitude, denial, frustration, denial, dishonesty and avoidance. When I say avoidance, they do not take phone calls from the person they owe. They are screening their phone calls knowing they owe you but thinking you will get tired of trying to collect. From my experience, if they have bounced a check on you they also become belligerent when you contact them. They try to make you feel as if you are at fault for trying to collect. They also do not make good on the check. This is where they become dishonest and untrustworthy.

Personality of debt can lead a person to do things they might not otherwise do. Based on the fact they are so emotionally entangled in their debt and cannot see options to clean up the situation, you begin making poor decisions. For example, if you had your regular job, and had the opportunity to work a second job on weekends to bring in additional money and turned it down because you would rather hang out around the house. Yet, you complain continuously at your regular job about not having enough money to do anything. When a person is in debt and complains continuously about their situation, it does not make sense to complain if you are unwilling to take action.

People that have the personality of debt can make them lose friends, strain family relationships and hinder their job. Why do I say hinder their job? In my opinion it can hinder the job for several reasons:

1) So far in debt, they are frustrated when they walk in the door;

2) Work performance declines. Can only think about being in debt and does less work.

3) Or they do work but they are messing up on the job.

Either one of these could make a boss watch your performance for a period of time and then decide to terminate you based on your actions. One other aspect of personality of debt that should not be overlooked is the fact that your debt personality†s negativity might bring down co-workers. When personality of debt influences the work environment in a less productive manner something needs to be done.

Personality of debt changes an otherwise happy person into someone that most people do not like to associate with for any length of time. If you are reading this article and it reminds you of someone, assure them they can make a change in their life. They need to take action and begin taking steps to remove the personality of debt and debt from their life.