Everything You Need To Know About Secured Loans

If you are currently struggling with finances or if you would like a little extra money to help fund some home improvements, a holiday or even a new car, then a secured loan may help. Secured loans are becoming more and more popular with borrowers and they are even starting to overtake unsecured loans too. So just what is a secured loan?

Secured loans are just what they say they are – secured. In order to apply for one you have to be a homeowner as the loan is secured on your home. Now this has put many people off in the past as it can be risky putting something against your home. However, once people look at the benefits involved, that risk soon becomes worthwhile for many.

One advantage includes the fact that the monthly repayments on a secured loan are often a lot cheaper than they are on unsecured loans. Interest rates are high on unsecured loans because obviously creditors find it more risky to lend people those types of loans. Unsecured loans are not secured on anything which means that creditors are more likely to get nothing back if payments are failed to be met. So, creditors look more favourably towards secured loans and that is why interest rates are so much lower.

The amount of money that you can lend if you are accepted is also higher than an unsecured loan. With an unsecured loan you can usually lend up to £25,000 but with a secured loan you can lend anything up to hundreds and thousands of pounds. So you can obviously do more with a higher amount of money.

It is always better no matter which type of loan you are applying for, to do a comparison check. This basically means doing a little research on different loan companies and seeing which interest prices are better. It is better to compare at least five different companies in order to get a good idea of what the best prices are. If you apply online it doesn†t take as long and you may be accepted within minutes. You may even be able to get the money the same day depending upon the amount being borrowed and the time that you apply and you are accepted.

Overall secured loans are risky and you should always make sure that you can afford the repayments otherwise your home could be repossessed. However, with lower monthly repayments and a higher amount of money offered, they are definitely worth thinking about and applying for if you can afford it.