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Explosion in Nuclear Energy Demand Coming

On Feb 25, 2015 0 104 52

Summary: Sprott Asset Management uranium expert Kevin Bambrough talked with us about the “second leg” of the current uranium bull market. He sees a massive nuclear build up heading our way with “the environmentalists leading the charge...

Foreign Demand May Jeopardize Uranium Supply for U.S. Utilities

On Feb 25, 2015 0 104 52

We discussed with the Ux Consulting president from which countries future uranium supplies may come, and who is going after those supplies more aggressively. He warns about the risks and rewards of Kazakhstan and Mongolia, looks to Africa for supplies, and talks about Russia’s expansion...

How is the Weekly Spot Uranium Price Calculated?

On Feb 25, 2015 0 104 52

Trading in the uranium market is done by a very small number of players. After all, there are about 440 nuclear reactors worldwide, a few dozen trading firms, fuel managers, and a relatively small number of utilities who participate in the actual buying of uranium...

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