North Cyprus: The Last Mediterranean Property Investment Hotspot

If only I'd had the foresight to buy an investment property in Spain, the South of France, Tuscany or in Malta twenty years ago when property prices were so cheap because the desirability of the destination had yet to enjoy exposure...if only...

Many people believe that the world's most beautiful locations are the countries in and around the Mediterranean Sea - think Spain, Malta, Turkey, Egypt, Sardinia, Italy, Morocco and Tunisia. All are nations synonymous with a fantastic climate, a wonderful quality of life, excellent cuisine, friendly and laid back people...naturally enough the Mediterranean countries are the most popular with those looking for a sun drenched holiday, a beautiful place to retire to or the perfect place to buy a property that will go up in value, be easy to rent and easy to resell. But many have already missed the affordability boat.

Properties on the most popular islands in the Mediterranean Sea and in the most desirable locations start from a quarter of a million pounds and go up to tens of millions. So the average property investor, second home seeker or retiree looking for an affordable place in the sun is going to be sadly disappointed then?

That is unless they discover the secret delights of Northern Cyprusâ€

North Cyprus is the secret and undiscovered third of the island of Cyprus that has been left untouched, unspoiled and unsullied by the greed of the 1970s and 1980s, it has escaped the overdevelopment and mass tourism of the 1990s and it has emerged in the new Millennium as a gem in an otherwise saturated, over priced market.

Properties in Northern Cyprus start from just GBP 60,000 for a duplex apartment in a resort on a championship golf course! North Cyprus truly is the very last Mediterranean property investment hotspot and it will not remain undiscovered for long. While the government are committed to preserving the beauty and culture of the island and determined to prevent it being overdeveloped and sullied, the properties that are being built sympathetically are catching the eye of international property investors, retirees, second homers and those looking to afford to start a brand new and exciting life in the sun.

The number of visitors coming to Cyprus is increasing rapidly; large international developers are discussing many projects from seven star hotels and luxurious resorts to more golf courses, marinas and even a furthering of the higher education establishments that North Cyprus is already famous for. Demand for property for sale and rent is coming from the large student base but more importantly it is coming from retiring Europeans, young families and couples, holiday makers, those needing a second home and even corporate investors.

Northern Cyprus property will not remain so affordable for so long - firstly the demand for property for sale is outstripping current supply and builders cannot keep up with demand, secondly prices are already increasing and finance is being made available privately broadening the numbers of those who will be able to enter the market. As demand soars and supply remains steady and restricted by the government's high standards, prices are rising and are going to keep on rising...making North Cyprus's property market one of the hottest in the world.