Choosing the Best Low Interest Rate Credit Cards

In the age of plastic money, everyone is trying to cash in on the best credits provided by banks – which makes credit cards a buzzword today. But the interest rates on these credit cards make people wary of using them. It is therefore, very important to find low interest credit cards. There are various options available in the market and we will help you choose low interest rate credit cards and cheap credit cards.

Low Interest Credit Cards

With banks heavily commercializing the credit card, there have been a plentitude of low interest credit cards. Many banks provide zero percent APR (Annual Percentage Rate) on balance transfers and purchases made during the first 12 months. These credit cards offer you safe, secure, and free online transactions and account management tools.

Many credit cards offer cash back on purchases made by you. You just have to find the best percentage of cash back. You will also get some points when you buy purchase things like a new car, an SUV or perhaps a Sedan. The benefits do not end here as you also may be exempted from the annual fees. Last but not the least; you may get excellent credits along with all these extra facilities. Many a times, you get rewards and prizes if you meet certain norms. This is how the low interest credit cards have really clicked with the populace.

Making Low Interest Rate Credit Cards Work for You

If you are unable to pay off your card in full every month and you are worried about the increasing debts every month, then the low interest rate credit cards are just what you wanted. As compared to the other credit cards that charge 16 to 18 percent, these cards will charge you around 5 to 9 percent interest. You can easily save $400 in the very first year on a revolving card of $4000 balance.

Cheap credit cards that offer low interest rates are advertised prominently, but these ads fail to provide one important piece of information. Only a small number of people qualify for credit cards with low interest rates. If you are among the high credit rating group with high salary then you can expect to get lucky and avail of these credit cards with low interests.

When opting for such a credit card one should make sure that the annual fee or its APR is zero. In fact, you should insist on getting zero APR. Most of the fake card companies may ask you for $50 to $100 annual fee.

How Can You Save Money With Low Interest Rate Credit Cards?

Often, you will see that the credit card companies provide low interest rates on a credit card as an introductory offer. But this lasts for a very short period, that spans to 6 months max. Then, the interest rate goes high and the low introductory rate quickly disappears. The rates charged by these companies may seem lucrative in the beginning but later, it becomes a burden as the interest increases.

Low interest rate credit cards come to your rescue when you want to pay back the money before the introductory offer expires. The credit card with low APR plays a vital role in saving your money. Also, keep in mind that if the introductory rate jumps from 0 straight to 15 percent then it is not the right card for you. You just have to ignore such an interest rate and the credit card of course!

In some situations, high interest credit cards can be the best credit card when you plan to own it for an extended period of time. When you choose a fixed low APR credit card or a cheap credit card, you will know what your interest rates are going to be. Low interest credit cards are therefore the best options as they provide the best service with low interest and rewards on purchases made by you.